Commercial cleaning companies offer a range of service options that can extend the life of your facility, increase employee satisfaction, and improve your clients’ perception of your business.

By outsourcing your commercial cleaning, you get a deeper clean and one less thing to worry about. Commercial cleaners have the specialized equipment and knowledge necessary to handle everything from day-to-day cleaning to laundry services to routine maintenance. Here is a detailed overview of some of our most popular services.

Healthcare and Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment is essential for your staff and patients. We deliver the highest standards of cleanliness by taking a thorough approach to disinfecting and sanitizing medical and healthcare facilities.

Our workers are thoroughly trained with a strict focus on the distinct needs of a medical environment. We can take care of your housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services. At Superior, we do not simply consider ourselves as a service provider but a partner with a common goal.

Here are the primary service offerings we provide to hospitals, retirement homes, and long-term care facilities.

Housekeeping Services

We’ve been cleaning healthcare facilities for decades and have carefully developed comprehensive cleaning procedures and practices that provide quality results. Each medical facility is different. That’s why we work with you to create a detailed cleaning schedule that ensures proper infection control and exceeds all health standards laid out by regulating bodies, including the Ministry of Health for Long Term Care.

Our housekeeping staff will disinfect high-touch points in restrooms, offices, common areas, breakrooms, and cafeterias. They handle daily cleaning tasks like taking out trash and recycling and cleaning floors, windows, sinks, and toilets.

Because the virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces, our team is fully prepared to clean and disinfect surfaces, reducing the risk of infection.

Laundry Management Services

The last thing you want to worry about is clean bedding, towels and personal clothing. There is a massive amount of daily laundry, and we can take care of it all. Our laundry management services work with your team to tailor a process to ensure laundry is clean, sanitized and returned in a timely manner. All laundry is thoroughly and professionally cleaned to ensure any germs and pathogens are destroyed.

Building Maintenance

Ensuring that your building is in top shape is essential for the safety and comfort of your staff, patients, and guests. We develop a preventative maintenance program to ensure that your building is well maintained inside and out. These services include inspecting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and your plumbing system.

We can help manage your contractors and work with them to ensure minimal disruptions to your medical services. You get one point of contact to maintain your building, making your life that much easier. And because you never know when a maintenance issue can arise, we offer a 24-hour emergency response.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our highly skilled team of experts offers an efficient, cost-effective service that saves you time to focus solely on managing the main elements of your business. By outsourcing your commercial cleaning needs to a professional company, you will get a cost-effective solution that provides your staff with a space that will have them breathing easier. Here are the commercial cleaning services that you can choose from.

Office Cleaning Services

Ensuring that you make a great impression with a clean and inviting work environment is our passion. A clean office dramatically increases workplace efficiency—workers who are comfortable in their surroundings are more likely to be upbeat and productive throughout the workday.

Office cleaning is very similar to residential cleaning. Like your home, your office has a kitchen, bathrooms, and floors and windows that need regular attention. Working around your schedule and for the frequency you need, we clean all of those areas in your office.

Office cleaning services include wiping and sanitizing surfaces, dusting, garbage and recycling removal, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms and kitchens, and windows and floor cleaning.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial services are similar to office cleaning but can occur within a broader spectrum of facilities and businesses. As a janitorial company, we will take care of everyday cleaning duties and keep your workspace clean and well maintained. A schedule is built around your needs and can include daily, weekly, or bi-weekly cleaning options.

Janitorial cleaning services include small, everyday cleaning tasks like cleaning restrooms, cleaning breakrooms, kitchens, and other common areas, sweeping and mopping hard surface floors, vacuuming, dusting, emptying trash, and wiping down high-touch point areas.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services include larger tasks performed at regular intervals throughout the year. Janitorial cleaning services involve more day-to-day cleaning tasks. In contrast, commercial cleaning takes care of bigger jobs that do not need to be done daily, including steam cleaning carpets, tile and grout cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, and power washing.

You can hire a professional for commercial cleaning services for a one-time job or set up a regular cleaning schedule over the year.

Outsource Your Commercial Cleaning Services

As you can see, commercial cleaning services have a variety of cost-effective offerings that can make life easier. Outsourcing your commercial cleaning will free up your time to focus on what’s truly important: running your business. With Superior Facility Services, you’ll get consistently clean offices and a cleaner, safer work environment.

Contact us today to ensure that your healthcare facility, office, or commercial space is looking its best and is properly disinfected and sanitized for your staff and clients.