Office cleaning services keep workers happy, productive and healthy. A clean office welcomes visitors and lends a professional air to the workplace. In short, when it comes to an office cleaning service, your employees deserve the best!

Need a bit of help locating a top-notch office cleaning company? Here are the major cleaning tasks to ask about when searching for a professional office cleaning company.

Cleaning And Sanitization Services

Cleaning, says the CDC, is the process of ridding of germs, dirt and other impurities from surfaces. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily kill pathogens like the coronavirus. Rather, it helps reduce the number of pathogens on surfaces by removing them.

Sanitizing means further reducing the number of pathogens to a safe level, as defined by public health agencies. In the cleaning services industry, sanitizing and disinfecting are frequently used interchangeably. Both terms indicate a high level of disinfecting compared to ordinary cleaning services, with a goal of mitigating the transmission of viruses.

Window Cleaning

You can avoid the excessive costs of a window cleaning contractor by incorporating window cleaning into your assortment of office cleaning tasks.

Window cleaning can be laborious, even dangerous, so let an experienced office cleaning crew take on this task for you. They will typically employ cost-effective methods and environmentally safe products to create a window cleaning program to meet your needs.

Note: Many office cleaning services only offer interior window and single-story window cleaning. You might want to check out a window cleaning contractor for exterior window cleaning involving more than a single story.

Office Restroom Cleaning

Office restroom cleaning from a dependable office cleaning service keeps your restrooms spic and span at all times, which is crucial, as the restroom is a prime location for bacteria and viruses to originate.

The safest way to maintain your staff’s health is to ensure that all restroom surfaces are cleaned and sanitized all through the week, while surfaces such as tile and grout are serviced at regular intervals as part of the restroom deep clean.

Carpet Care And Floor Waxing With Preservation

Carpeting is a very popular flooring option for many offices, and it requires regular cleaning. Because dirt, dust and other pollutants get trapped in carpeting, without consistent cleaning, yours can look dirty and discolored.

Highly professional cleaning services offer advanced cleaning methods to protect the appearance of your carpets.

Clean and shiny flooring is among the first things that visitors and clients observe when they enter an office. Yet, keeping it in its best condition is not that simple. But there is a way to make it easier – by routine floor waxing that not only gives a beautiful shiny finish, but also protects from damage and extends its lifespan.

Additional cleaning offered by vendors might include dusting throughout, regular garbage removal, plus other such services.

Ensuring that you make a great impression with a clean and inviting work environment is our passion. Superior assists numerous office spaces in realizing their ideal public image with our comprehensive office cleaning program. Contact us today for a free quote.